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Upgrading an Older Home

Home improvement projects to increase resale and functionality

By Brandpoint

Upgrading an Older Home

Do you own an older home? Strategic enhancements not only increase a property’s resale value, but also its functionality. This is particularly important for young homebuyers, who report feeling disappointed with the dated features of their homes, and unsure of what and where to renovate. Here are some leading home-improvement projects for older homes.

1Wall removal Removing a wall between the kitchen and living room can enhance functionality and provide a modern, open design. Cutouts in walls are another option if the wall cannot be completely removed. You’ll need to ensure any wall is not load-bearing before removal, so you don’t impact the structural integrity of the home.

2Tankless water heaters These heaters, which heat water on demand, can work well for older homes because they take up less space and can reduce energy costs. To learn more about them, visit bit.ly/doe-tankless. Manufacturers that offer 25-year warranties include Noritz.

3Energy-efficient insulation Many older homes have little to no insulation, but fortunately there are many modern insulation options available today that weren’t around when these homes were built. In addition to insulation, remember to seal spaces for air loss, such as air ducts, doors, windows, pipe inlets and the attic.

4Technology additions Smart-home features are often requested in new construction. Fortunately, your older home can become a smart home, too, when you implement technology such as home automation. Examples include smart thermostats, smart music and programmable lighting. Thanks to Wi-Fi, there’s usually no need for costly rewiring.

5New paint/wallpaper That ’70s pea-green paint in the bathroom and the ’80s floral wallpaper in the bedroom instantly date your home. Dedicate a weekend to painting or covering the walls in your favorite spaces and you’ll be amazed at the transformation. Painting your walls in neutral colors is usually best for resale. That being said, you can always go bolder if you simply wish to freshen your space. Along the same lines, wallpaper has made a huge comeback, thanks to contemporary prints and materials that are easier to install and remove. Consider a modern design for an accent wall.

6Painting old grout Grout in bathrooms and kitchen spaces really takes a beating and turns a dirty color that’s impossible to clean. It can be time-consuming to replace grout, so to get a fresh look, consider painting it instead. Specialty grout paint makes the process simple with easy application features that roll on.

7Hardware updates Hardware throughout a home gets dingy and dated. Installing modern, metallic cabinet knobs, drawer handles and towel racks can make a space feel fresh again without much investment. Don’t forget about air registers.

8Light fixtures Lighting styles change through the years and replacements can make a world of difference. For example, replace an old brass chandelier with a modern pendant design. Not only will it be a style update, but the directed light output can make the space more usable.

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