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Wallpaper That Wows

Personalize your rooms using custom designs

By Statepoint.net

Wallpaper That Wows

Wallpaper has made a big comeback in interior design. Home decorators are eager to express themselves through a variety of wallpaper patterns and colors and new types of wallpaper make application and removal easier than before. For example, there are prepasted and peel-and-stick options in addition to nonpasted options.

Advanced digital capabilities mean there are thousands upon thousands of graphic designs now from which to choose. Spoonflower, based in Durham, is among the leading online companies that provide custom, print-on-demand wallpaper in the digital marketplace. With so many unique designs available and the ability to also upload your own design, you can easily use wallpaper to create your own signature style.

Spoonflower recently challenged home decorating bloggers to “facelift” a small space using wallpaper. After successfully completing their updates, these DIY-ers shared these tips and insights.

Create a focal point

Bethany Sy, the blogger behind Reality Daydream, enhanced the wall behind her mantel with wallpaper. As she puts it, “A little color and pattern can create the perfect focal point in any room.” Wallpaper also can be used to create an accent wall in an otherwise plain room. There are no right or wrong rules per se, but large-scale patterns are typically chosen for larger rooms and small-scale patterns for smaller rooms such as bathrooms and foyers.

Think beyond walls

With a little creativity, wallpaper doesn’t just have to be for walls, you can use it to update furniture too. Take a cue from Victoria Ford, the Prepford Wife blogger who recently refreshed an old dresser with the Bee Life Toile wallpaper designed by independent artist Lucinda Wei. “This dresser has lived many lives in our homes and it was time for it to get a little update with a design that was irresistible and perfectly on brand,” Victoria says.

Complement your current style

As Ashley Dusing of Our 1917 Farmhouse noted, wallpaper can be paired with any room’s current design elements to enhance its overall style. “We selected wallpaper with a vintage style to complement our midcentury bedroom decor and offer a bold pop of color. It was everything this bedroom (turned office space) needed.”

Consider your decorating habits

Before selecting wallpaper, think about how frequently you like to decorate. If you love to mix things up every year or every season, Charlotte Smith of At Charlotte’s House says peel and stick is the way to go. She recently wallpapered the fireplace surround in her family room, but already has sights on the future. “I used removable peel and stick wallpaper so I can easily change things up in a year or two if I want a different vibe.”

Whether you wallpaper an entire room, create an accent wall or revamp a piece of furniture, adding personality to your interior spaces can be quite rewarding with this impactful DIY project.

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