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Getting To Know…Donna Fargo

Getting To Know…Donna Fargo

Known For: American country music singer-songwriter and author

About: Born Yvonne Vaughan in 1945, this Mount Airy native attended High Point College and then headed west. After graduating from the University of Southern California she taught at a California high school, eventually heading its English department. While teaching days, she performed nights in clubs. She penned her breakthrough song, "The Happiest Girl in the Whole U.S.A," which soared to No. 1 on the Billboard Country Music Chart and to No. 11 on the Billboard Pop Chart. Her follow-up single "Funny Face" also peaked at No. 1 and became an even bigger pop hit. Donna then placed more than a dozen singles, most of which she wrote, in the Country Top Ten. She became ill and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1978, but with her husband's help and her faith, grew better. She resumed a slower singing schedule but still enjoyed less dramatic musical successes through the 1980s. The North Carolina Music Hall of Famer's awards include a Grammy, a Country Music Association award, and five Academy of Country Music awards. She's also written several inspirational books, the most recent published in 2010. She has a line of greeting cards and a stretch of highway named after her in Mount Airy.

Quote: "Too often people try to change the big world without trying to change their small world first."

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  • Greetings,

    Here is an interesting question. You state Donna Fargo was born in 1945 but I happen to know that she graduated from Mt. Airy High School in 1958 and from High Point College (where I was a classmate of hers) in 1962. Does this sound fishy? I knew her in 1960. She could NOT have been 15. But all the info on the internet confirms she was born Nov. 15, 1945. There's something wrong here. Is the birth date falsified?

    Henry Tonn |
    May 03, 2021 |

    • At that time they made people 4 or 5 years younger than they are. This had nothing to do with the stars themselves. Doris day was also older than what they said she was and so were most other female actors and singers. Stars that started out young as a teen or a child such as Brenda Lee, Tanya Tucker, Marie Osmond and etc... they couldn't do this to. They have stage ages as well as names.

      William Lee |
      June 01, 2021 |

  • Thank you for your comment to my comment about Donna Fargo's age. The fact is, however, despite the rearranging of female stars' names, this incorrect information, a hoax if you will, continues to be perpetuated in Wikipedia and elsewhere, and should be corrected in the interest of truth and accuracy. Don't you agree? We have enough misinformation out there as it is that is causing people to riot, kill, etc. Fortunately, this is innocuous. Still, it's the principle of the thing. :)

    Henry F. tonn |
    June 01, 2021 |

  • Donna Fargo was born Nov 10th 1940.

    Claus Due |
    September 01, 2021 |

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