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See the Stars at a New NC Observatory

The Burnsville site houses the largest public optical telescope in the state

See the Stars at a New NC Observatory

Jeremy Bare, observatory manager. Photo by Chanse Simpson.

A new observatory in Burnsville houses the largest optical public telescope in the state. Bare Dark Sky Observatory’s custom-built, 34” diameter Sam Scope allows users to see the jet stream, Saturn’s rings and distant stars and constellations. Bare Dark Sky Observatory, located at Mayland Community College’s Earth to Sky Park, sits at 2,736 feet in elevation and offers a 360-degree view. It also offers a smaller planetary telescope for viewing planets and the Earth’s moon. Admission is $5 for children ages 12 and under; $10 per adult.

To learn more, call 828-766-1214 or visit (where you can also make reservations for evening viewings). For more about Burnsville’s other attractions: 828-682-7413 or


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