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Energy Sense

Expert advice on energy-efficient products.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

An energy-efficient system with long-term payoffs

Taming power costs

Keeping your pets (and your energy bill) comfortable this winter

Zone control

Automatic zone systems adjust temperatures of individual rooms

Energy efficiency projects

Ensuring high-quality work from your contractor

Electric space heaters

How to use them efficiently in your home

Using less A/C

Tips to help you stay comfortably cool this summer

Touch-control faucets

New options are convenient and efficient for kitchen tasks

Cutting Energy Waste

Load up on savings with these laundry tricks

Home energy audits

You’ll learn a lot, can save big money in long run

Year-round savings

Insulated window shades boost comfort while lowering energy use

Increasing thermal mass

Heavy materials can boost efficiency and comfort in your home