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Feature Stories

Scenes from the NC Piedmont, in Miniature

Model railroaders bring local 1950s-era scenes to life

Alligators in North Carolina

Protecting — and staying safe around — our state’s wild gators

15 Local Parks for Outdoor Escapes

The best quiet parks and trails in your NC town

5 Tips for Your Walk in the Woods

Advice for beginning hikers from a local expert

Shells of North Carolina

A guide to shelling our Carolina coast

Top Spots for NC Beachcombers

Be in the right place at the right time to find treasured shells

Wartime on the Outer Banks

Remembering life on the NC coast during WWII

7 Energy Upgrades for a Happier Home

Boost your home’s comfort and cut energy use with these projects

Extending the Harvest for the Hungry

Farmers and volunteers team up to glean extra produce from NC fields

Wrestling Water in Your Landscape (and Winning)

Effective ways to deal with spring showers and summer storms

Local Art, for All to See

Find a public mural in your neck of the woods

NC Murals Create ‘Art for the People’

The Appalachian Mural Trail captures state culture

Little Pink Retreats Make Time for Hope

NC-based program provides welcome refuge for breast cancer patients

Undeniable Truths of Heart Health

Diet and exercise remain keys to keeping your ticker in top form