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Co-ops Meet Virtually for Annual Meeting

NC’s Wynn delivers final remarks as national board president

By Cathy Cash, NRECA

Co-ops Meet Virtually for Annual Meeting

Outgoing NRECA Board President Curtis Wynn

In late February and early March, nearly 3,000 electric co-op employees and directors from across the country signed on for the first virtual annual meeting held by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA). This year’s “PowerXchange” conference provided co-ops the opportunity to share experiences, and learn from energy industry speakers and sessions.

“As leaders of America’s electric cooperatives, it is our role to lead the way to more equitable economic opportunities for our members and communities."

During his opening remarks, NRECA CEO Jim Matheson stressed the advantage electric cooperatives have during a time of political divisiveness.

“We’re grounded in community interests. We stand apart from everyone else in Washington because we are builders, and because we stay above the partisan fray,” Matheson said. “Members of both parties recognize us as leaders who can get things done — as problem-solvers who are invested in the places we serve. As folks you’d better have in your corner. They listen to us because our goals are inseparable from the goals of the community.”

The meeting marked the end of a two-year term as national board president for Roanoke Electric Cooperative CEO Curtis Wynn. Wynn took the gavel in 2019 before thousands of co-op leaders, directors and staff gathered at NRECA’s annual meeting in Orlando. There, he called for co-ops to fully examine their future and lead their member communities into the next generation.

As his leadership term came to an end, his message was unwavering: “Act boldly, with purpose and with a sense of urgency; and seize the opportunities that matter to our members so America’s electric cooperatives can be a force for the future.”

NRECA CEO Jim Matheson

NRECA CEO Jim Matheson during opening remarks

Wynn also encouraged co-op leaders and staff to reflect on the societal strife that has occurred nationwide, and find ways to help and heal their communities.

“As leaders of America’s electric cooperatives, it is our role to lead the way to more equitable economic opportunities for our members and communities,” Wynn said. “Be inclusive and intentional about addressing the unique needs of all of your members, especially those with high energy burdens.” (Read more reflections
from Wynn)

Following his remarks, Wynn officially passed the gavel to incoming national board president Chris Christensen of Montana, who serves on the board of NorVal Electric Cooperative and runs his family cattle ranch in the northeastern part of the state.

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