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Electric Co-op Innovation

North Carolina’s electric cooperatives are leading the way with innovative energy projects to bring new opportunities to cooperative members and North Carolina communities. In recent years, electric co-ops across the state have deployed community- and utility-scale solar projects, microgrid and storage projects, and energy efficiency projects.

View a brief video of how these projects have rolled out at carolinacountry.com. Individually, these energy innovations are having a big impact in local communities — as a statewide network, electric co-ops are making a significant impact on North Carolina’s energy future.

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  • So I see solar farms all over eastern NC and electricity prices are through the roof. And to that if I buy a solar plant to my home I can not connect to the grid. Also when the one near Robersonville NC went in the only thing that happened is the price of electricity went up and continues to go up. You people are surely making a significant impact on energy futures just not a positive one. Hopefully is I can get into public office I can get a better look at EXACTLY what is being done

    September 20, 2017 |

  • Thank you for your comment and for sharing your concerns about how solar energy fits into our energy future. Electric cooperatives, as well as other types of utility providers, are introducing more energy from renewable sources as a way to comply with a state-mandated Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard issued in 2007. It requires cooperatives to supply 10 percent of electricity from renewable energy resources by 2018. More than half of the electricity we provide comes from emissions-free nuclear energy, and these renewable energy resources complement the nuclear energy to make sure we can continue our mission of providing reliable, affordable and environmentally beneficial electricity. Natural gas generation is also a part of our portfolio, as are power purchases. As the economics around renewable energy become more favorable, cooperatives will continue to work to incorporate resources that allow us to supply power at the lowest possible cost.

    Electric cooperatives are not-for-profit, and our motivation is service to our members and community, never profit. Any revenue earned in excess of expenses is returned in the form of member dividends. Cooperatives also offer many tools and services to help our members save money and become more energy efficient, and your local co-op would be happy to work with you to find cost-saving solutions for your home.

    Carolina Country |
    September 28, 2017 |

  • I live in High Point, NC. I really need to find a provider other than Duke Energy to save on my power bill. Please help! What are my options??

    Cecilia |
    March 20, 2019 |

  • I live in Windsor, NC. I desperately need to find an electric provider than the town of Windsor to save on my power bill. Please help! Other options needed!

    Minnie Outlaw |
    March 06, 2021 |

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