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Kenan Fellow Learns from Pee Dee Electric

Kenan Fellow Learns from Pee Dee Electric

(L-R) Jones talks with crew foreman Chip Huneycutt and lineman 1st class Steve Preslar. Crew Foreman Chris Parker is in the truck.

An innovative Anson County science teacher has deeper understanding of how electric cooperatives deliver power — and serve their communities — after completing a Kenan Fellowship with Pee Dee Electric.

Justin Jones, who teaches fourth and fifth graders at Ansonville Elementary, spent four weeks as a Kenan Fellow at the Wadesboro-based co-op, which serves more than 20,000 members in seven counties. The Fellowships are offered to only about 50 teachers annually and place educators in industry settings to learn first-hand how science, math, engineering and technology concepts apply in the real world.

Jones worked alongside warehousemen, line crews, accountants and even the CEO. He said Kenan Fellowships help teachers to become more effective not only in their classroom, but also in their school and community.

“Anytime you can get involved in something that’s hands-on, real-life application of concepts, to me, that’s the most valuable professional development a teacher can have,” Jones said.

CEO Donnie Spivey said Pee Dee Electric understands the importance of preparing students with a solid educational foundation. “Even more so, we understand the impact that excellence in education can have on a community,” said Spivey.

Jones said Pee Dee Electric’s values and commitment to community shone through to him. “It’s about members. That’s their priority. It’s about wanting to give the members good service, and wanting to contribute back into local communities.”

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