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From Our Readers: Friends, Frogs and Flowers

September's letters to the editor

From Our Readers: Friends, Frogs and Flowers

East Bend sunflowers

This is our beautiful Sunflower Garden on our small farm.

Sheila Adams and Lee Gordon, East Bend, Surry-Yadkin EMC


Rosa’s babies

I wanted to share my friend Rosa Lesane’s beautiful caladiums. She calls them her babies and plays Christian music for them every day. 

Rosa is a 30-year member of Four County Electric in Elizabethtown. She looks forward to receiving her Carolina Country magazine each month. As a matter of fact, her new one came today, and I read it to her. I read to her because Rosa is totally blind and has been for 13 years. 

She told me and a friend last weekend that most people would feel sorry for themselves and give up. Not Rosa. She said these “babies,” the caladiums, give her something to do, and she absolutely loves it.

She also does all of her own cooking, cleaning and laundry. The only thing she refuses to do is learn to use a phone. She says she didn’t like a phone when she had her sight and still doesn’t like it.

Leslie Sinclair, Dublin, Four County EMC

Keeping food fresh

In response to your August 2015 magazine story on throwing food away, my best remedy for keeping food fresh is using a vacuum-sealed baggie. When you purchase these bags it comes with a pump to pump all the air out of the bag. I have been able to keep iceberg lettuce fresh and usable for three weeks.

Cab Hargrave, Canton, Haywood EMC


Frog in hiding

On the July magazine cover picture of Ethan and Gabe playing checkers on their makeshift table, I wonder how many noticed the little frog in the table sitting idly by. My daughter said, “Maybe the frog is waiting to take on the winner.” The picture reminded me of my brother and me playing together.

Claude Nicholson, Brevard, Haywood EMC

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