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From Our Readers: Renewables and Customer Service

January's letters to the editor

From Our Readers: Renewables and Customer Service

December sunset

A December sunset on Bogue Sound looking from the shoreline behind the Pizza Inn in Morehead City. I love the calm water except for the wake from the duck swimming by.

We own a condo in Indian Beach and still call North Carolina home, even though we moved from Williamston six years ago.

Doug West, Evans, Ga., Carteret-Craven Electric

Policies and people

In the December issue [“Viewpoint”], Wally Emerson stated in effect that he would be willing to pay more taxes to support wind energy. While I applaud his motives, we must remember that those of us on fixed incomes may not have that luxury.

We also need to think of all the jobs lost because of the closing of the coal mines. Take a trip to Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, among other states, to see the devastating economic loss the current rules are causing. Once-proud people are reduced to poverty. Many have exhausted all unemployment benefits and are not even listed as unemployed because of this.

Robert Helton, EnergyUnited

Blue Ridge Mountain EMC services

You are to be commended for producing an excellent magazine for the membership. It is further indication of the excellent service the electric cooperatives are providing.

As a member of Blue Ridge Mountain Electric for the past decade or so, I have been extremely pleased with the service. The service people have been very thoughtful and pleasant. The new facility in Young Harris, Ga., is an indication of vision, good taste and beauty. I predict that the critics will be happy for this decision a decade from now.

At age 92, I have had the privilege of living from the Atlantic to the Pacific. This is the best electric service I have encountered.

William H. Rose, Murphy, Blue Ridge Mountain EMC

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