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From Our Readers: Family Memories

July's letters to the editor

From Our Readers: Family Memories

Tractor Seat Sunset

Thought y’all might enjoy this photo for the magazine. It’s a picture of my son, Caleb, and my husband, Jamie, on our tractor, while the sun sets, after the garden had been plowed.

Courtney McCollum, Wadesboro, a member of Pee Dee Electric

Lavender Love

Loved this article [“North Carolina’s Lavender Landscapes,” June 2016] as it will be fun to explore other lavender farms in NC. I grow a little lavender myself and last year visited “the Lavender Garden” where I got lavender sachets.

Meredith Allen, Davidson


Scruggs Family Memories

Greetings. My mom passes along a copy of your magazine to me. In the April issue on page 18, “I Remember,” the photo shows Grandma Scruggs. I would suppose that young boy on the right is Earl Scruggs, son of grandma Lula? It sure looks like Earl.

Gerald Moose, Richfield

Editor’s Note: Gerald is correct! We reached out to Rosita Jones, a Rutherford EMC member who submitted the photo with fond memories of her grandma’s biscuits. Rosita is pictured bottom left, with her uncle Horace behind her and a 17-year-old Earl on the far right. Horace played guitar, and Earl went on to perfect the three-finger banjo-picking style that is now a defining characteristic of bluegrass music. But the whole family was musical — Rosita played the pump organ — and as she remembers, “when we got together, it was a time, always. If the wind was blowing right, our neighbors would come over and join us in singing, playing and dancing. We had some good times.”  Read more about Uncle Earl.


Birthday Girl Garden

Kaela wanted a garden for her 8th birthday. She got what she asked for, and last year she grew some pumpkins. We wanted to share her enthusiasm for her own garden! Her parents are Paige and Micah Tyson, members of Union Power Cooperative.

Gene and Betty Russell, Wadesboro, members of Pee Dee Electric


Jy RoHolsteinsDairy

Rush and His Holstein

This is our grandson, Rush, at our dairy, Jy-Ro Holsteins in Elkin. He has just picked out his March show calf.

Michelle Golding, Elkin, a member of Surry-Yadkin EMC

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