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From Our Readers: Swifts vs. Swallows

September's letters to the editor

From Our Readers: Swifts vs. Swallows

Facebook Cover Girl

Anne Puetzer, a member of Wake Electric from Rolesville, shared a photo on Facebook of her daughter enjoying her new-found celebrity status on the cover of Carolina Country's August magazine.

Memories to Share

I just received the August 2016 edition and was disappointed not to see “I Remember.” I look forwarding to reading the short stories and make notes on stories that might prompt a warm memory for my 97-year, 7-month and 23-day-old daddy, Paul G. Lewis, who lives in Charleston, South Carolina. He is totally deaf, but loves to read cards and letters so I always include the “I Remember” pages when I write him.

Please tell me that you haven’t discontinued this favorite.

P. Laree Lewis, Youngsville, a member of Wake Electric

Editor’s Note: We’ve received a few calls and letters about this much-loved section. You will find “I Remember” on page 20 of this issue. We are typically running the “I Remember” section every other issue (based on the number of entries we receive), with a “Where Life Takes Us” story from a reader on those off months. Keep those memories coming! See submission guidelines.


Chimney Swift

‘Flying Stogies’

Just wanted to let you know I loved the article about the Brown-headed Nuthatch and the Chimney Swifts! (“Sheltering Our Feathered Friends,” August 2016, pages 16 and 17.) I am a birder and have a few Chimney Swifts around my almost 100-year-old house. There is one external chimney that is left open for them (not used anymore).

However, the silhouette of the swift is not correct. They do not have a forked tail. The silhouette shown looks like a barn swallow. Chimney Swifts truly do look just like a ‘flying cigar’, actually like a big fat ‘stogie’! Wanted to point that out for those that are not so into birds as I and others are. Love receiving my magazine each month!

Sue McMullen, Laurel Springs, a member of Blue Ridge Electric

Editor’s Note: Thank you, Sue! The silhouette we ran was misleading and was more swallow-like (a distant cousin of the swift). If you’re looking for Chimney Swifts overhead, watch for stubby, streamlined bodies with a blunt tail.

brooks married

Jacob Brooks and Katie Brooks

Jacob Brooks Fan Club

We have been getting your magazine for the past seven years now and I have had the pleasure of following Jacob Brooks on his journey in life, and was pleasantly surprised to see an update from him in the latest magazine. I almost missed it! I have enjoyed reading your magazine every month and really appreciate the “Remember when...” stories. I’m not from N.C., but I consider N.C. my home. I have grown up here (I was raised in WI). Thank you for all of your wonderful articles and pictures!

Liz James, Huntersville, a member of EnergyUnited




NC School of the Arts in Winston Salem

Lessons in Shakespeare

Thanks for the photo of the first NC School of the Arts in Winston Salem (“Tar Heel Lessons,” August 2016, pages 26 and 27). The building was originally James A. Gray Senior High School. My class of 1961 was probably the last to graduate before students were sent elsewhere.

The tall windows were important as there was no air conditioning. Miss Moselle Stephenson, who taught senior English in one of the front rooms, could stand at the window giving us non-stop Shakespeare as she looked out. We caught on quickly that she never looked at the text but had it all memorized.

Marianne Bell, St. James, a member of Brunswick EMC

Corrections to August Issue


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