From Our Readers: A Lost Recipe, Found! - Carolina Country

From Our Readers: A Lost Recipe, Found!

November's letters to the editor

From Our Readers: A Lost Recipe, Found!

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Sought-After Recipe

I had a great call from a Carolina Country reader in Durham who wanted to know if there was any way I could locate the pie recipe that Gale Boulware wrote about in her “I Remember” piece in the October magazine (“Suppertime at Mama’s,” October 2016, page 29).

Well, as it just so happened, I met Gale the following week while doing a business expo in Pamlico County. I had just received the October magazines that morning and decided to take them along to put on my trade show table. Mr. Boulware made a beeline to my table and saw the magazine and said, “My wife should have something in there that she wrote.” Sure enough, it was there on page 29, so I got a picture of her holding the magazine.

So I later called Gale, and she was great enough to email me the pie recipe.

Makes me totally fall in love with my job and co-ops all over again! Twenty-four years down and hopefully 24 more to go!

Heidi Smith, Manager of Economic Development, Marketing & Corporate Communications, Tideland Electric Membership Corporation

Where is Joyner?

I just received the October Carolina Country magazine. While I read all the articles, the very first thing I do is go to Joyner’s Corner to see and work the latest puzzles. That then motivates me to read the articles. If the puzzles are not going to be a feature going forward, it will seriously curtail my reading of the magazine. Please tell me this is a temporary omission?

Roger St. Clair, Stallings, a member of Union Power

We got your newest edition of Carolina Country and we enjoy it! I always try to do “Joyner’s Corner,” and as I was flipping through, trying to find it, I could not! I was wondering if you could tell me why it was not in there this issue. I looked at the September issue, and it didn’t say anything about Joyner’s Corner stopping. Please reply to me! I love this magazine and would like to know where my favorite part is!

Madison Gaines (age 13), Bear Creek

Editor’s Note: Thank you, Roger and Madison, for the feedback! We didn’t include Joyner’s Corner in October or in this issue due to space — he’ll be back in December. But if you’re a fan of Joyner’s, or any other parts of our magazine, please let us know! An online reader survey is available now through December 15. See page 6 of this issue for more details.

Tried-and-True Dishwasher

I have my own energy saving practice for doing dishes. It’s just my husband and myself, so dishes are not a big problem. I keep large plastic bowls in each dish sink. The sink on my right, I fill that bowl with warm water and put used dishes to soak in there, which makes them easier to get clean. On the left, with that bowl I fill it with clean water and put it in the microwave for five minutes. Then pull it out and wash my dishes. That way the only time I keep the hot water tank on is when we take a shower.

I have been doing this for many years and it just works fine for me. Dishwashers are very expensive to use and hard on the hot water tank.

Just wanted to share.

Nancy Kitchin, Reedy Creek, a member of EnergyUnited

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