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From Our Readers: Social Media and Serving Sizes

July's letters to the editor

From Our Readers: Social Media and Serving Sizes

A Lot of Pudding

I have a question about the recipe for Banana Pudding Cake published in the April 2017 issue (“Where to Go for Good Eats,” page 64). The recipe calls for two 4-oz boxes of instant vanilla pudding. The largest box I can find is 1.2 ounces. Four ounces would be a really big box. I was wondering if this shouldn’t be two ONE-ounce boxes of pudding. Thanks.

Bonnie Richardson, Germanton, a member of EnergyUnited

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the note, Bonnie. We checked with Asheboro restaurant Everything Under the Bun, the source of that popular banana pudding cake, and the recipe does call for a lot of pudding — about 8 servings worth. A four-serving box of Jell-O ranges from 3.4 to 3.9 ounces. Enjoy the cake!

Turkey Hunt Counterpoint

I normally love getting my Carolina Country in the mail, but this month, I opened up the magazine to “Hunt Gives Back to U.S. Veterans” (June 2017). My life’s purpose is to fight animal cruelty in any form, so when I see one of my favorite magazines glorifying hunting, needless to say, I am disappointed. There is NO cause good enough to exploit innocent victims. All animals have the same desire to live as you and I so it is also a gross misrepresentation to say: “The event provides a safe environment for all...”

Jennifer Miller, Creston, a member of Blue Ridge Energy

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