From Our Readers: Vampires, Parades and Hiking Trails - Carolina Country

From Our Readers: Vampires, Parades and Hiking Trails

January's letters to the editor

From Our Readers: Vampires, Parades and Hiking Trails

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Cell Phone Chargers

A Hot Topic

With no Sunday newspaper comics to read this morning, I was re-reading the November issue of Carolina Country. I don’t believe you really answered Mr. Dowless’ question (“The Sneaky Cousins of ‘Energy Vampires,” November 2016). “Where does the power go?”

HEAT. Any resistance between an electric potential and its negative or ground source, as most common energy uses to us, generates heat. So if an A/C charger is plugged in without any device, it’s warm generating heat. That’s wasted energy.

W.M. Lewis, Murphy, a member of Blue Ridge Mountain EMC

Vanessa Farabee

Festive Wagon

The Everybody’s Day Parade photo (“I Remember,” November 2016) brings memories from when my grandfather and family decorated the wagon pulled by four horses, then all family members that played a musical instrument would get on board and go to the Kernersville Fourth of July parade. A wonderful experience.

Ronnie Sisk, Kernersville, submitted on

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