From Our Readers: Timeless Arts and a 100-year-old Barber - Carolina Country

From Our Readers: Timeless Arts and a 100-year-old Barber

September's letters to the editor

From Our Readers: Timeless Arts and a 100-year-old Barber

Jockey’s Ridge Advocate

Thanks for your kind words about my mom (Getting to Know Carolista Fletcher Baum). She was a pioneer, and taught her three kids that with a bit of determination, a bit of hard work and a lot of love for your environment, you can literally ‘not’ move a sand dune! :)

Ann-Cabell Baum, Raleigh via

Ann-Cabell Baum: Your mama was truly an amazing, wonderful woman!! As a child/teen, we spent every summer in Kill Devil Hills, and your mama’s jewelry store was an important stop for us, not only for jewelry but for the fabulous conversations! My mama valued your mama’s opinions and her warm, lively personality, as did I. I still have some of the lovely jewelry she made for Mama. Carolista was a treasure!!

Jasmine Jelesoff Larimer, Fredericksburg, Va., via

schneider portrait

Oliver Schneider, a German/American/Lumbee blacksmith, is a self-taught upcycling master, turning old scrap into matchless cutlery. (Photo by Don McKenzie).

Preserving Timeless Arts

I just loved your story on Oliver Schneider (Forged of the Forgotten). The talents of the people in North Carolina amaze me. I just found the last major piece to construct my own forge. This story came at such a wonderful time. I am contacting this artist, with hopes of hints and ideas for making a good, working forge.

Our skills that kept our country moving are getting lost. With hope and prayers, the blacksmiths will not follow that trend. Thank you so much for showing the gifts that artists share in this state — perhaps you have sparked someone else into learning.

Carolyn Olio, Newport, a member of Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative

Barber Bob

Patrons have been getting reliable cuts from Mr. Bob for decades.

Small-Town Barber

This will be the first time I have ever written to a magazine. I loved the article A Darn Good Haircut in the July 2017 issue of Carolina Country — I had to tell someone. The article made me want to jump in the car and head to Columbia to see Mr. Bob and Miss Myrtle! What a great tale! Long lives to both of them!

Gina W. Haubenstein, Newport, a member of Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative

Another Word on the Turkey Hunt

Just a comment on the letters about Hunt Gives Back to U.S. Veterans. I am totally in agreement with Wanda Wilson Haines (Turkey Hunt Support) but I think the fact that you printed the letter opposing hunting illustrates the high standard of journalism you hold yourselves to.

Thank you very much for a very enjoyable magazine.

Susan Leggett, Madison, a member of EnergyUnited

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