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Glimmers of Hope

Readers share their sources of inspiration in trying times

You can find beauty and inspiration in all sorts of places. Maybe it's a small business adapting to serve its community however it can; a friend getting groceries for an elderly neighbor; or even barn quilt that lifted your spirits. We've asked our readers to tell us what gives them hope in these trying times. Here's a few of your hope-filled moments.


Jolann and Lucky the chicken

Quarantining with Chickens

My grandchildren, Brayson, Brenlyn and Jolann, enjoyed their time in isolation together in the backyard with their chickens. My husband, Donald, and I are proud to be members of REA for 52 years.

Patsy Lovelace, Morganton, a member of Rutherford EMC

Simple Pleasures

My day is made when the sun is shining and I can go for a walk or read a book. That can make worries go away, if just for a few minutes.

Marla Bryant, Pinnacle, a member of Surry-Yadkin EMC

Meaningful Barn Quilt

After I saw my first barn quilt, I knew I wanted one of my own. I researched a variety of different styles and techniques of how barn quilts were made.

Since I have painted for years as well as sewn quilts, I knew I wanted to create something different, one to represent our whole family. I came across a cotton quilt block that I had made and knew that was the design I wanted to use.

After painting on and off for a little over a year, the barn quilt was finally finished! It was time for a frame and then to be put on our red barn.

My dad, Bob, had the perfect wood for the frame, Burmese teak. Our son, Shane (a Rutherford EMC crew leader), was able to hang and fasten the finished quilt on our family barn on March 27.

What a great day that was for us all, as we now could enjoy this barn quilt as a family.

Hopefully during this time of chaos in our world, others may see our quilt, smile, and realize that good things still happen during trying times.

Shari Richard, Crouse, a member of Rutherford EMC

New Baby Joy

My new grandson was born April 23 in Miami, Florida, in the midst of a pandemic such as we have never seen before. His beautiful little face and the bright look in his eyes makes everything all right.

Rosalie Okaty, Rutherfordton, a member of Rutherford EMC

Backyard Bluebird

When I think I can’t stay at home any longer, I take my camera and head outdoors. I have found that nature offers both hope and inspiration. One thing I especially enjoy is taking photos of the bluebirds nesting in the birdhouse that my husband gave me for Mother’s Day.

Janis Harless, Jefferson, a member of Blue Ridge Energy

A Grateful Graduation

I completed my Doctor of Education degree in Education Leadership with the University of Phoenix (UOP), and my graduation was set for April. But due to social distancing, it was canceled. I was very hurt and disappointed because I worked hard, and to learn I wouldn’t be able to have graduation was upsetting for me, family and friends. I received an invitation email stating that I could participate in the 1st Virtual Graduation with UOP in May, and it put a smile on my face along with tears of joy in my eyes. I realized that this may not have been a priority to others considering the pandemic, but I was grateful to be granted the opportunity to have graduation after all — where I could have unlimited family and friends in attendance.

Vanessa Edmundson, Aberdeen, a member of Lumbee River EMC

Let God Take the Wheel

Knowing that God is in control gives me hope. I put all my trust in Him and know things will go as he plans.

Mary Newton, Rougemont, a member of Piedmont Electric

Inspiring Youth

Having spent a 40+ year career working with at-risk and court involved youth I am always inspired and encouraged with youth who clearly are destined for future success and even greatness.

I refer to Jacob Brooks who recently returned to your magazine with his “Jacob’s Log” to update us on his life. I so enjoyed the log he began while he represented Blue Ridge Electric on the 2010 Youth Tour to Washington, D.C. He always shared his “life experiences“ with us in a meaningful and uplifting manner. From his upbeat reporting on positive endeavors such as his participation in the Youth Tour to the heartbreaking account of his mother’s illness and death, he always had the ability to demonstrate that he would indeed succeed in life.

From the update we received in your last issue it is certain he is well on his way to certain yet unknown greatness. Surely his mom is watching over him and his new wife and smiling knowing that the seeds she helped to sow have indeed sprouted. Congratulations and best wishes to Jacob and his family! Please keep us informed on your future accomplishments!

Carl and Sharon Worthington, Winterville and Ocracoke, members of Tideland EMC

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