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Investing in our communities

by Carl W. Kornegay

By Carl W. Kornegay

Carl KornegayElectric cooperatives are owned by the members they serve. That is a part of what makes us different from other utilities. Every day, we go to work with you, our members, as our focus.

Keeping the lights on. Keeping electricity affordable. Looking out for our members. These are things we do every day. But the cooperatives’ mission is bigger than just providing affordable and reliable power: Our mission includes improving the communities we serve.

That is why I am calling your attention to the bond referendum on the statewide primary ballot. The Connect NC bond is a rare opportunity for major investments to improve the communities we serve.

On March 15, North Carolina’s electric cooperative members will have an opportunity to vote for $2.1 billion in investments in education, parks, safety, agriculture, and water and sewer infrastructure. These investments under the Connect NC bond referendum will have a direct impact on our members and our rural communities and will do so with no tax increase.

Among the other investments, funding to build Army National Guard facilities will keep our communities safe, and upgrades at North Carolina’s universities and colleges will provide opportunities for the next generation.

The investments are just one side of the story. The other side is financial responsibility. No tax increase will be required to either finance or repay the bonds. North Carolina will maintain its position as one of a few states to hold the AAA bond rating.

In addition to providing investment in our communities with no tax increase, Connect NC helps further the cooperative mission. Community colleges support workforce development and train cooperatives’ future employees and members. Agriculture research supports farming of the future to help power our state’s number No. 1 industry: agriculture. Water and sewer investments ensure clean water for us and the next generation and bolster economic development efforts in rural communities.

For all of these reasons, I ask you to learn more about the Connect NC Bond referendum by visiting or

Also, I ask you to learn more about the candidates on the ballot in the primary election. To help you, see Carolina Country's NC Primary Election Guide at

North Carolina’s 26 electric cooperatives are locally owned, locally operated, and guided by principles that put our members first. We are proud to be your source for power — and information. As our state continues to grow, you can depend on your cooperative to continue to lead on issues that will enhance the quality of life in our local communities.

About the Author

Carl Kornegay is president of the board of directors at Tri-County Electric Membership Corporation in Dudley. He is currently serving as the president of the North Carolina Association of Electric Cooperatives, Inc.

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