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Music Therapy Advocate

A supporter of music therapy speaks up

Music Therapy Advocate

According to the NC Music Therapy State Recognition Task Force, music therapists served more than 15,000 North Carolinians in 2019.

Music therapy is a well-established allied health profession that continues to grow, and provides both the medical use of music to treat symptoms of a condition and social stimulation.

It is an effective form of treatment that can benefit many, including those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and special needs patients. The current lack of state licensure for the profession makes it extremely difficult for patients to afford services, as many health insurance companies do not recognize or pay for services. It also makes it difficult to pursue a music therapy career in NC.

The NC Music Therapy task force plans to speak with legislators about passing necessary state licensing bills this summer. You can become involved with their cause and learn more about music therapy. Involvement with the task force may enable you to help patients receive critical music therapy services.

Jessie Lang, Wake Forest, a member of Wake Electric

Read more from Jessie in our September 2018 story, “Joyful Music and Dance at Silk Hope Farm Heritage Park.”

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