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Featured Recipes from the Food Issue

12 new dishes from our Carolina Kitchen

Pumpkin Recipe Roundup for Fall, Y’all

Nine pumpkin dishes to kick off your autumn

“Hey Stranger”

by Mandolin Orange

Scrapbook: Youth Tour 2017

Photos and video from the 2017 Electric Cooperative Youth Tour

Make a Solar Eclipse Projection Viewer

Get this DIY project ready for the Aug. 21, 2017 eclipse

Tailgate Touchdown

Wings and chili are MVPs on game day

Find Fall Apples off the Beaten Path

Enjoy the fruits of Ashe County orchards or plant your own

Our 6 Most Popular Summer Recipes

Don't miss these Carolina Kitchen winners

Countdown to the Eclipse

North Carolina prepares for a rare celestial event

Top 10 Reasons to Consider a Co-op Career

Wherever you are, odds are there’s an electric co-op nearby

PreddyFest: A Music Pilgrimage for Many

A sense of community brings festival goers back year after year

Janet Burgess

Janet Burgess

Enamels, Pastels, Acrylics | Statesville

Forging Artful Tools from Old Iron

A Robeson County blacksmith creates custom knives out of old railroad spikes

Causes of Outages and Blinks

Weather, animals can cause power loss

How to Put Old Things to Good Use

Innovative ideas from Carolina Country readers