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Digital Extras

You're on our website, let's make the most of it! Here you'll find the extra articles, recipes, videos, photos and music that bring the pages of Carolina Country magazine to life.

Hit the Road on NC’s Scenic Byways

Routes preserve character and legacy throughout the state

Farm Dining in the Piedmont

Onsite meals bring new meaning to ‘farm-to-table’ dining

How to Become a Birder in Time for Spring

North Carolina is a birding paradise

Lady of Tradition

Bluegrass master Lorraine Jordan is helping the next generation

Blue Ridge Energy Trims Trees by Helicopter

Aerial blades make quick work of right-of-way management

6 Healthy Recipes for 2018

Don't let your resolutions wear out as the year wears on

Smartphone Photography 101

Level up your photos with the help of an expert

"The Plow"

by Martha Bassett

Carolina Country Cover-palooza

A look back at a dozen cover shots, including your favorite