"How Happy" - Carolina Country

"How Happy"

by Jon Shain & Joe Newberry

Photo by Wayne Ebinger

This whimsical tune, enhanced with jazz age swing and muter trumpet, gently encourages happiness. Or, as its lyrics ask: “How happy is a clam in a clamshell? How happy is the pig in his sty? If the future bacon does no bellyaching, why not you and I?”

Written by Jon Shain of Durham and sung by Joe Newberry, it’s one of 14 tracks on their album, “Crow the Dawn.” The two, who have been collaborating since 2012, mix blues, gospel, bluegrass and folk influences in their first album together, released by Flyin’ Records in Durham. Shain is an acclaimed Piedmont blues guitarist and singer-songwriter who led two bands before going solo. Newberry is a singer-songwriter also known for his award-winning banjo strummin’. Learn about each’s tour dates at jonshain.com and joenewberry.me. The song and full album are available at cdbaby.com.

Available on iTunes Available at amazon cdBaby 88x40


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