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The small enameled bowls that Janet Burgess fashions by fusing colored glass with superhot metal “bring beauty to life,” she says, but this beauty has a practical use. One customer said she’d used it every day since she got it. Burgess, an Ashe County native who shows at the Mooresville Arts Gallery and contributed bowls to the CSA program in 2015, guesses that “she put her rings in it.”

Janet Burgess Bright Bowls

Both photos courtesy of Janet Burgess.

After heating a kiln the size of a microwave to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, she builds her pieces by adding and re-firing successive layers of glass. The glass is in powder, lump or liquid form, and she uses a long metal utensil to shape it into swirls, lines and other designs when melted. Colors are often delicate and subtle — like the springtime-looking concoction of white, gold and green in a piece called “I Love You.”

“I try to name them for the personality that they have,” Burgess explains.

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  • Exquisite workmanship from an extremely talented artist - I love her pieces and artwork and have several pieces. Well priced for unique and individually handcrafted workmanship. Janet Burgess who a true artist who created each piece with love and a flare for the unusual.

    Mary barr |
    September 01, 2017 |

  • Hi Janet, Loved the video demonstration on your enamel bowls. It added so much to what you have displayed in the Mooresville Arts Gallery. I was not familiar with this process and just looking at your lovely bowls had no idea the amount of work and talent went into them. Great job!

    Cheryl Barrett |
    September 01, 2017 |

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