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Carolina Country Cover-palooza

A look back at a dozen cover shots, including your favorite

Carolina Country Cover-palooza

At Carolina Country magazine, we sort through a lot of photos, thanks to submissions from our readers, our electric cooperatives, and NC-based pro photographers. But the photo that makes the cover must say “Carolina Country” in some way. We look for something local, seasonal, feature-related, timely, well lit, intriguing, co-op-relevant—so many boxes to check. Sometimes the whole staff is on board with a cover, but other times opinions are split. Ultimately we set the bar high to try and please our cooperative members. 

Take a look at our collection of this year's cover photos. How do you think we did in 2017? Let us know in the comments below


“This is my friend Kristen’s horse, Heza. He is such a gentle giant. So beautiful and majestic.” See a gallery of your best photos in our cover story Carolina Country Scenes 2017.

Photo by Shaina Jordan of Ash, a member of Brunswick EMC

Explore the January issue



Researchers are learning about the many ways that animals can boost people’s emotional and physical health. Read more in the cover story Healthy Companions.

Photo by Laura Shachmut

Explore the February issue



Lessons learned: “Even if you don’t have the greenest thumb, sunflowers love cow manure, and bumble bees love sunflowers.” Find more reader garden photos in the cover story Great Garden Photos.

Photo by Paige Garner of Seagrove, a member of Randolph EMC

Explore the March issue



A young participant of the annual Cherokee Powwow in dance regalia. Learn about Cherokee and other N.C. destinations in our 2017 travel guide.

Photo by KM Herron

Explore the April issue



Matt LaVoie (left) with a visitor at his tiny house near Asheville. Learn how he and his wife, Laura, are among many across the state choosing to downsize in the cover story Tiny House Living.

Photo by Giant Dream Photography

Explore the May issue



Hikers enjoy a break at Looking Glass Falls in Pisgah National Forest. Learn more about how to get the most out of our state’s natural resources in the cover story North Carolina's Treasure Trove of Natural Resources.

Photo by Warren Kessler

Explore the June issue



Anna Kiefer portrayed the role of camp laundress during a recent reenactment at the Alamance Battleground. Read more about Anna and other reenactors in the cover story Reenactors Go All-in to Bring the Past to Life.

Photo by Perfecta Visuals

Explore the July issue



Blacksmith Oliver Schneider turns discarded iron into treasures. Read more about his craft in the cover story Forging Artful Tools from Old Iron.

Photo by Don McKenzie

Explore the August issue



The Country Bookshop is a hub of activity in Southern Pines. Read about other local independent bookstores in the cover story Independent Bookstores Thrive Throughout the State.

Photo by John Gessner

Explore the September issue



Mandolin player Sierra Hull on stage at the Wide Open Bluegrass Festival in Raleigh. Find a festival for you in the cover story 101 North Carolina Festivals.

Photo by Chip Henderson, courtesy of Visit NC

Explore the October issue



A crawfish boil is one of the best ways to enjoy these tasty crustaceans. Read more about crawfish farming in North Carolina in the cover story, How to Satisfy a Crawfish Craving.

Photo by Wendy Perry

Explore the November issue


Sisters Jeanne Leonard (left), Leigh Foster, and Beth Dean (not pictured) own The Candy Factory on Main Street in Lexington. Read more about their family’s candy legacy in the cover story, Piedmont Candy Company Turns out an NC Tradition.

Photo by Don McKenzie

Explore the December issue

Comments (6)

  • June is my favorite cover in 2017

    Paul Elder |
    December 16, 2017 |

  • January first, then February. My very favorites!

    Amy Dockery |
    December 16, 2017 |

  • my favorites is JUNE

    Eugene Day |
    December 16, 2017 |

  • April is far and away the fav in our household!

    Kj |
    December 16, 2017 |

  • November for sure!

    Tiffini Denton |
    December 19, 2017 |

  • November was my favorite. Great colors!

    A. Creech |
    December 19, 2017 |

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