A Classic

Angela Robertson

A Classic

My brother and his friend constructed this shed at Rock Quarry Farms, a bed-and-breakfast located about four miles west of Carrboro on Hwy. 54. The building was designed to make use of reclaimed oak boards from a barn that was taken down, built by the Newlin family, who are known for building barns. Most of their work is in Orange and Chatham counties. However, in the early 1940s the Newlins constructed this large milking barn in Alamance County, consisting of 69 large creosote posts and numerous 2-by-6, 2-by-8, and 2-by-10 oak boards. According to locals, the original barn was the largest in Alamance County when it was completed in 1942. The aluminum alone from this roof brought over $5,000 as scrap metal cleaned of nails. Half of the lumber was sold to a woodworker and the other half sold to the owner of the bed-and-breakfast who contracted them to build this 16-by-16 shed on a concrete slab with nice loft area. It's a 12-foot shed around three sides with oak 2-by-10 beams and 2-by-6 rafters. The roof is gavalume 26 gauge 5v metal, and the siding is cypress lap siding. This building is now seven years old and looks better than when it was first built. Completing the vintage look are a 1950 Ford F-1 pickup truck and a 1943 Farmall tractor. The shed was built by hand with no pneumatic nailers, just the Newlin family did years ago. The front doors are exceptionally hand constructed as well and covered with a small overhang. It looks good from any angle.

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