Carolina Living

Tips, tricks and inspiration for living life to the fullest in North Carolina

Wine Trends

A new survey shows broadened approaches to the beverage

Your home office

Consider work goals when organizing it

Smartphone savvy

Tricks for traveling smart with yours

Terrible tantrums

5 parent mistakes that make them worse

A hearty twist on comfort food

Nutritious sorghum is a versatile multi-tasker for your pantry

Taking Stock

Create a home inventory of valuables, just in case

Job interview success

Take smart notes, improve your answers to questions

By the numbers

Best positioning for items in your home

Heating systems

Consider fuel costs when mulling choices

Keeping pests out

5 mistakes homeowners make that attract them

Family road trips

Tips to make your vacations go smoothly

Millennials and finances

Investing now for a brighter future

Winter care for cars and trucks

Proper maintenance now can prevent accidents later

4 common diabetes myths

Knowing the facts can help prevent and control Type 2 diabetes

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