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Susie Fishel, Lexington, EnergyUnited

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In 1990, my husband and my 2-year-old son built a playhouse. They used donated and recycled materials as much as possible. There is a window on each side and a barn double door on the front. Along came another son, so this was enjoyed as a playhouse for many years. In 2002, we gave it to a friend’s daughter down the street. Unbeknownst to me, my boys were very upset because that little house held a lot of memories for them. Three years later our neighbors were moving and wanted to know if we wanted the playhouse back. Well, we did, and so once again we loaded this all-wood building on a trailer and moved it back to our yard. My youngest was in middle school and needed an agricultural science project. His design included a rock wall, plants and bushes to landscape this little house. Now we have a great gardening shed.

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