The Shack

Mary Williams, Boone, Blue Ridge Electric

The Shack

The Shack, as it is lovingly called, is located in our meadow, which is about an acre in size. The meadow is home to a vegetable and flower garden, fruit trees, berry bushes, three beehives, a seasonal croquet court, and a variety of wildlife.

The Shack was built five years ago after our plans morphed from a 4-by-4 storage shed into a 12-by-16 work and recreation building with a small deck. It is constructed from 75 percent recycled material collected from friends, old building sites and torn down buildings. As the first large structure my husband built, I consider it a work of love and art. Two years ago when his mother became ill, he painted a quilt square for the Shack patterned after a quilt she gave him over 40 years ago when he left for college.

The Shack houses tools, farm equipment and beekeeping suits and supplies. In the spring, the Shack serves as a hothouse for germinating vegetable seeds. In the summer I work and piddle in the Shack. During the winter months, the Shack is a refuge from the cold as the south facing picture window warms the building, making it bright and cheerful.

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