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Time to put up bluebird boxes

Time to put up bluebird boxes

Do you know that Eastern bluebirds start shopping for their nests in February in North Carolina?

Historically, these bluebirds have nested in natural tree cavities, but their choices have narrowed as trees are cut down.

Bluebird boxes, often sold at your local hardware store or home improvement center, offer a great way to see the birds and their eggs, up close and personal. Bluebirds have a cheery song and docile nature. They establish their nests anywhere between late February and June, with the first clutches of eggs laid in April.

Get a box made especially for bluebirds and place it 5 feet high at the edge of a large grassy area or meadow, with the opening facing the open area. To learn more about bluebirds and their homes, visit www.eenorthcarolina.org. You can also read our “Bluebirds in North Carolina” article.

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