Nancy O. Albert - Carolina Country

Nancy O. Albert

Photography | Charlotte, NC

Nancy Albert's Ancient tobacco

Above top photo by Hannah Miller. Above bottom photo is Nancy Albert's "Ancient tobacco".

Right now, Nancy O. Albert is probably cruising along some North Carolina back road, eyes peeled for a disappearing part of the historic landscape —tobacco barns. The retired manager of Central Piedmont Community College’s Halton Theater has been seeking out barns for three years and laments: “[In] so many areas, you go thinking there might be barns, and there are housing developments.”

When she does find one, she whips out her Fuji camera that shoots film or her trusty Olympus digital camera to make sure that little piece of history isn’t lost forever. The barns, she says, “were not recorded much anywhere. They weren’t considered architecture.”

She’s had good hunting, especially in Guilford, Person, Caswell and Surrey counties, and she’s photographed more than 100, with 50 of them going to CSA shareholders in 2016.

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