March 2013 - Carolina Country

March 2013

March 2013

Feature Stories

Growing a nutritional garden

Top 10 plants that pack a vitamin and mineral punch

Ode to the oakleaf

A showy hydrangea plus March gardening tips

‘Global warming’

Gazing globes grace gardens in unusual ways

Any way you slice it

Nothing beats a North Carolina-grown tomato

Grow a straw bale garden

A how-to guide

Protect and enrich your plants

Mulch is a multi-tasker for your yard and garden

Beneficial companions

Plants thrive by being near each other

Vertical gardening

Use upward space to grow your edibles

Using trellises

Decorative and functional

Open a Mind, Touch a Heart

Storytellers continue a North Carolina tradition

Crushing the Tuscarora

Colonial militia vanquished eastern North Carolina’s most powerful natives 300 years ago

Clearing the air

All about air filters for your home