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From Our Readers: A Happy Pig and Thunderstorms

March's letters to the editor

From Our Readers: A Happy Pig and Thunderstorms

A Pig in Mud

Someone left a number of old issues of your magazine at the nursing home where my 93-year-old mother lives. In the June 2016 one was the cutest photo of a pig! (“Farm Tourin’”.) It had a big “smile” and you had to smile back. Don’t want to know what happened to it, but for the moment the mud felt good.

Gail Allen, Lumberton

Alleghany County Dynasty

Each month when I receive my Carolina Country, I sit down and read all the wonderful stories you have for all of us to enjoy. I found this article my sister had written years ago [Editor’s note: Lois included the article with her letter, which relates the story of her parents, William Quincey Higgins and Docia Louellen Brown, who married in 1923 and started their family in Alleghany County]. There are only five of us left out of the 15 children. The oldest one living now is 91 years old.

We all have been faithful members of Blue Ridge Electric for almost 70 years. Back in the late ‘50s, we always won the silver dollar for the largest family at the co-op annual meetings.

Lois Dixon, Laurel Springs, a member of Blue Ridge Energy

Don't Sit On The Toilet

Afraid of Storms

I really liked the story “Don’t Sit on the Toilet During a Thunderstorm” (September 2016). Never heard that one, but I have many fond memories of my Granny. She would always say: “A thunderstorm’s coming up — you young’uns git in here and sit down on that couch.” And no one would move until it was over. She would sit in a chair with her hands clasped over both ears. She was a very lovable Granny, and we miss her dearly.

Gail Austin, Four Oaks, a member of South River EMC

New Co-op Members

My wife and I love your magazine! We moved here three years ago from north New Jersey. We always loved North Carolina. It is so very refreshing to be a part of a cooperative and be informed as well as entertained by our electric company through this wonderful magazine. We feel like people, not just an account number. Thanks!!!

Glenn Dai, Franklinton, a member of Wake Electric

Beech Disc Golf

Correction to our February issue:

In our February 2017 feature story on unique sports being played around the state (“Four Sports You’ve Likely Never Heard of”), we included some incomplete information about disc golf. N.C.’s George Sappenfield did popularize the sport, although its history predates the 1960s (its past is murky — the Professional Disc Golf Association deems it “impossible to answer” who first played the game). Also, there are more than 200 disc golf courses in North Carolina, not 100 as mentioned in the article. Thank you to reader Eric Vandenberg for pointing this out.

Reader Survey Results

Thank you to all who took time to complete our 2016 reader survey! Your responses will help us continue to deliver the content you want going forward (and feel free to call or email with future suggestions). One survey respondent was selected to receive a free Apple™ iPad mini: Betty Hedgepath of Evergreen, a member of Brunswick Electric. Enjoy your iPad, Betty!

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