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Be the Grill Hero

Master your next cookout with these ribs and kabobs


Nothing brings people together like a cookout. There is something about being outdoors and the delicious aroma of grilling that makes you want to gather with family and friends. For those grilling novices, a few tips can help ensure success: 

1Start with a clean grill. 
Take the time to clean your grates before each meal — last week’s charring can make meat taste bitter.

2Invest in great meat.
Choose versatile, high-quality and tender cuts such as ribs, chops and tenderloins.

3Cut down on time, not flavor. 
Look for pre-seasoned meats, or slice, dice or cube larger cuts like boneless loin to shorten cook time and increase flavor. 

4Heat it right. 
Use direct heat for burgers and chops, and indirect heat for larger cuts like ribs.

The ribs recipe here uses charcoal and the kabobs recipe uses a gas grill or smoker. Find more summer grilling recipes at or try a dish from our list of 9 favorite grilling recipes.

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