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Brunch, Over Easy

Get creative for a simple, yet scrumptious, gathering


Brunch, Over Easy

Hosting friends and family doesn’t need to be fancy. With its prime positioning between breakfast and lunch, brunch is a more casual and lighter alternative to the typical dinner party.

When charged with hosting a midday gathering, a little decision making can go a long way toward ensuring your brunch get-together is as simple as it is scrumptious.

Get creative with decor

When prepping your tablescape, think outside the box. Opt for unexpected serving dishes such as tartlet tins, and transfer syrups and jams from their everyday containers to glass bowls or creamers. Fresh flowers can add natural pops of color to the table, or try mixing attractive pieces of fruit or vegetables for an eye-catching centerpiece. 

Plan a variety of dishes

Have a mix of both sweet and savory dishes on the menu that can please a wide variety of palates. Earmark some items that can be made ahead or purchased the day before, like pastries or bagels and cream cheese. Save the morning of your event for cutting up fresh fruit and for making dishes best served fresh, like this herbed omelet, which provides protein, B-vitamins and cancer-protective phytochemicals. 

Serve it buffet-style

Setting your spread out on the kitchen counter allows guest to customize their meals, giving the gathering a more casual vibe. Try themed stations, such as a coffee or mimosa bar, parfait bar or bread bar, in addition to more traditional dishes.

For more brunch ideas, visit And be sure to try our Herbed Spanish Omelet for a brunch dish that's sure to please. 

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