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Can-Do Meals

Pull from your ‘cantry’ on busy nights


During the school year, the real test for parents is not in the classroom, but in the kitchen. Between breakfast, lunch and dinner—not to mention snacks—meal planning seems endless and daunting.

Yet a pantry well-stocked with canned goods (let’s call it your “cantry”) can be full of proteins, fruits, vegetables and soups that can help parents make creative, wholesome meals.

Overall, freshly picked, non-processed vegetables and fruits are best. But it’s important to note that nutrients and vitamins in fresh fruits and vegetables can degrade in the time it takes for the fresh produce to be shipped from the farm to your supermarket (a good reason to buy local). Even then, it often sits on shelves or in storage for days before it finally reaches your shopping cart.

Like canned foods, frozen food can be very nutritious, but disadvantages include the need for thawing. Canned goods provide quick, year-round access to seasonal fruits and vegetables, often without the need for preservatives and additives. They also help cut down on prep time in the kitchen. For additional recipes, visit

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