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Decor Inspiration: That ’70s home

5 design trends making a comeback

By Brandpoint

Decor Inspiration: That ’70s home

Disco may be dead, but the spirit of the 1970s is not. People are adding their own splash of ’70s style in updated, modern ways in their homes. Here are top decorating trends with an unmistakable ’70s flair.

1More macramé, please 
From dip-dyed wall hangings to plant hangers, macramé is back in a big way. Whether you purchase these items already made or you enroll in a class to make them yourself, macramé offers an easy way to add texture and an artistic touch to your home.

2Groovy colors 
The blazing orange walls of the ’70s may not be back anytime soon, but homeowners are using more dynamic colors to define their home’s interiors. Paint manufacturer Sherwin-Williams named a bold, jewel-toned blue‑green color, Oceanside SW 6496, as its 2018 color of the year. Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, suggests adding bright pops of orange or green with it on throw pillows and blankets. 

3Go shagadelic
The sun has (thankfully) set on wall‑to‑wall shag carpets, but shag rugs are a tasteful, resurgent design trend. Homeowners frequently purchase cozy shag rugs for children’s areas like nurseries and playrooms. Whether made of sheepskin or conventional textiles, a shag rug is something you’ll enjoy walking across.

4Bring wicker inside 
A staple in sun porches for generations, wicker furniture is making a big comeback. Designers are suggesting it for main pieces, such as chairs and headboards, and accessories such as frames for mirrors. Available in a wide array of colors and shades, wicker can be used to create a centerpiece in your bedroom, living room or, yes, your porch.

5Green living ... literally 
In the 1970s, people believed that there was no such thing as too many plants in their home. This affection for indoor greenery is back, and homeowners have revitalized confidence in their green thumbs. From large potted plants in the corner to hanging basket plants, people are loving the opportunity to create an urban oasis of their own. 

Dorm Décor

Want to create a fun ’70s vibe for your dorm room this fall? Try these easy, inexpensive tips:

  • Hang a colorful, textured tapestry or large scarf above your bed.
  • Buy a lava lamp. (Make sure to unplug it when you leave or go to sleep.)
  • Put up a pretty bead curtain to sub as your closet door. 
  • Put a peace sign somewhere in the room, the larger the better.
  • Add beanbags in earthy colors (rust, green, brown) for floor seating.
  • Invest in a black light. It will make white fabrics (and your teeth) look terrific.

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