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7 Energy Upgrades for a Happier Home

Boost your home’s comfort and cut energy use with these projects

By Diane Veto Parham | Illustrations by David Clark

7 Energy Upgrades for a Happier Home

Imagine your house is not just the place you sleep, eat and store your stuff, but more like a part of your family, with its own unique needs. Ignore those needs, and both you and your home suffer the consequences. But, pay closer attention, and you can find ways to enjoy a more pleasant — and efficient — living environment.

“It’s amazing how much comfort you can provide by spending a few dollars,” says Brian Sloboda, program manager for the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA). “You’re going to increase your quality of life.”

Determining what your house needs is job number one. Your heating-and-air system, your appliances, your insulation and even your lightbulbs can affect not only how your home is behaving, but also how much you’re paying to keep it all running.

Need some ideas to get started? Here are seven smart ways to invest in a comfortable and energy-efficient house.

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