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News, information and opinions on the energy industry, politics and North Carolina’s electric cooperatives.

Causes of Outages and Blinks

Weather, animals can cause power loss

Electric Co-op Leaders Meet with Gov. Roy Cooper

Discussions cover energy innovation and rural economic development

Believe it: The French are Using Cheese to Generate Power

A French power plant uses a cheese byproduct to generate electricity

Book Review — Poles, Wires and War

A new book explores co-op efforts to electrify rural South Vietnam

Top 10 Reasons to Consider a Co-op Career

Wherever you are, odds are there’s an electric co-op nearby

Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?

NOAA predicts an above-normal Atlantic storm season

A Seat at the Table

Making sure legislators remember our 42 million electric cooperative members

Meet Putter

A Brunswick Electric member is frequented by this squirrel turned international star

Teachers: Bring Projects to Life with a Bright Ideas Grant

Meet the Aug. 15 early bird deadline for a chance at $100

NC’s Greer Inducted into Lineman’s Hall of Fame

Retired co-op employee dedicated his career to safety

Linemen Complete Advanced Education Programs

Co-op lineworkers are advancing skills at Nash Community College

Doing What Co-ops Do Best

N.C. electric co-op annual meetings focus on innovation and relating with members