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Five Ways to Bust the Clutter

Want to be organized? Get into the zone by creating one.


Five Ways to Bust the Clutter

Life has a way of getting cluttered. School schedules and sports activities mix with work commitments, and before long, the house is as cluttered as the calendar. Paper piles grow, favorite clothes go missing, and toys seem to march across rooms as if they own the joint. It makes a person wonder if an orderly house will ever be attainable.

Fortunately, the new year brings exciting opportunities for fresh starts, and January is an ideal time to recommit to having an organized home. With these tips, you can make successful changes to get organized and stay that way.

1 Purge the excess. Over time, nearly everyone collects too much stuff, and clutter is often more an indication of too much volume than poor organization. Items are purchased to replace outdated things, but the old pieces sometimes don’t get discarded. Start with eliminating the things you no longer want or need. A good strategy is to create piles of items: keep, sell, donate and discard.

2Create a drop zone. In most homes, the entryway is a catchall for family belongings that get shed with each pass through the door. It’s convenient to have shoes, coats, backpacks and other essentials ready to grab as you head out, so instead of fighting the inevitable jumble, find a way to organize it. A dedicated drop zone with customizable shelving, baskets and drawers is a solution that can attractively contain your family’s essentials.

3Avoid junk piles. Nearly every home has at least one junk pile, drawer or even room. In most cases, the reason is that the contents are a mishmash of items that don’t really have any place else to go. Make a point to identify ways to create order in that area, whether it’s adding drawer inserts to contain all the odds and ends or buying a standing file to capture bills and mail.

4Be mindful about use. When you’re on a mission to eliminate excess clutter, it can be tempting to go overboard putting things away. It’s important to be realistic about where you store the things you need and to err on the side of keeping the things you use regularly within reach. This may mean getting creative about how you organize or even adding new storage containers or furniture. Remember, being organized is only helpful if it’s also practical.

5Embrace routines. The idea of dedicating large chunks of time to organizing and tidying the house can be overwhelming. However, making time to clean as you progress through the day can help control clutter. Commit to cleaning up the kitchen after dinner each night. Set expectations for kids to pick up their rooms before bed. Before long, routines become productive habits that make a visible difference.

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