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Closet Spaces With Divine Design

5 steps to create your dream closet


Closet Spaces With Divine Design

Whether you’re a stylist with an eye for fashion who chooses each garment carefully or the laid-back type who can rock the first outfit you find each morning, the closet can provide a location for inspiration.

Turning bland closet space into an eye-catching room calls for a little planning and do-it-yourself creativity. Here are steps to get you started. For additional DIY ideas, visit

1Plan it out
Creating the perfect closet space begins with your ideas. Look at your current closet and think about how you want the space to look and the type of storage you need. It’s easy to get discouraged here, so once you’ve visually reviewed your closet, step away. Go into another room, sit down and begin sketching out your ideal closet. Use colored pencils so you can begin the process of choosing complementary colors for your closet’s door frame, walls and backdrop.

2Focus on practicality
Once you’ve sketched your ideal closet, compare your ideas with the space you have available and adjust your plans to fit your footprint and budget. This step allows you to get creative with ways to maximize your space and use every available inch to create a closet with the function and aesthetic you desire. Don’t forget to measure the space for shelving (width, depth and length). Your measurements will come in handy, whether you envision new shelving or buying new containers to sit on shelves.

3Ongoing organization
A beautiful closet likely won’t mean as much to you if it isn’t functional on an ongoing basis. Do you have a lot of sweaters, but they aren’t in view? Do you need more space for shoes? Are there other items you’d wear more but you forget about them? You can keep your clothes and footwear organized in a stylish manner with options such as vertical sweater holders, open shelving and rotating shoe holders. You can find organization products at your local hardware store, big box retailers such as Lowe’s and Home Depot, and retailers that specialize in home organization.

4Details mean a lot
Little touches can add up in a big way. Upgrade your light fixture, for example, and look for other ways to personalize the space for a look that’s all yours. Ideas include shelving to display treasured photos or keepsakes, or make room on the wall for a vision board to draw inspiration from as you begin each day. Consider buying non-slip velvet hangers that are all black or all white for a visually clean look. Non-slip hangers are easier on clothes, too.

5Change up the color
Introduce personality into your closet with rich color. Add accent color on the walls behind your clothes or incorporate color with the structural elements. You can help make the space pop by complementing the colors of your wardrobe. For example, if you wear a lot of blue, consider painting the door frames or backdrop the same shade of blue you have hanging in the closet.

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