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Visiting with Kin

Visiting with Kin
Family reunion at Grandpa’s house, 1959.

I grew up in a small town of western North Carolina called Casar. I still live there and have been in the “Ole Home Place” for more than 67 years.

Growing up, we farmed and raised all of our food, including cows, chickens, hogs and many kinds of fruit trees. I remember as a lad seeing my mama pick up a chicken by the neck and spinning it around — that meat was for Sunday dinner.

I like sitting under the old pecan tree and reminiscing about the days of old. It’s so peaceful being a quarter mile from the highway.

My family consisted of Mom, Dad, one brother, one sister and myself, the youngest. My dad got cancer at an early age of 56 and died Feb. 17, 1965. I was just 15 years old, and it was pretty rough growing up without a dad. But we survived. My mom was a very strong, determined woman. We were poor, but we always had a roof over our heads, shoes on our feet and plenty to eat. I know it was provided by our Heavenly Father.

The photo was taken at the base of South Mountain at my Grandpa Esper Newton’s home, around the fall of 1959 at a family reunion. There were enough grandkids and adults to choose sides and have a heck of a softball game in the pasture by the creek.

I miss the “ole days” and wish families would continue having reunions. I hate to say it, but seems like the only time you see kin now is during a visitation at a funeral home. It is sad to see them after they have passed, and we could have seen them when they were still alive.

Boyd Pruett, Lawndale, a member of Rutherford EMC

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