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December 2017
December 2017

This time of year can bring good times, with family and guests enjoying more time in the warmth of your home, cooking, enjoying holiday lights, and all the things that make the holidays special!

But it also means your household is using more energy, which increases energy bills. You can get a handle on energy usage and costs with a free tool from Blue Ridge Energy called Usage Tracker.

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Once you sign up for Usage Tracker by logging into “My Account” on our website, you can see your daily electricity usage. You can also see the daily weather temperatures to help you understand the effect weather can have on your power bill.

Usage Tracker makes it easy: you can even set up alerts to send yourself an email, text or voice mail if your daily electricity usage goes above an amount that you set. This is very helpful in getting ahead of high bills! When you get notified that your usage is higher than normal, you can take steps to lower or manage your usage so that you control your bill amount!

Knowledge is power — and knowing the amount of electricity you and your family use on a daily basis is a powerful tool when it comes to controlling your costs. While Usage Tracker doesn’t know “how” you used electricity, it does show patterns. And surveys show that when people monitor their daily usage, they tend to take steps to reduce usage by 5 to 15 percent.

Let us help you manage your electricity costs — during the holidays or any time of year!

Sign up for Usage Tracker today for powerful information that can help you understand and control your usage before winter takes a toll on your pocketbook.

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