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From Blue Ridge CEO Doug Johnson December 2017
From Blue Ridge CEO Doug Johnson
December 2017

Doug JohnsonThat’s a question we often get, especially now that we offer more programs and tools than ever to help you track and reduce your energy usage, get rebates or loans for home energy efficiency improvements and even go solar!

The short answer is: we’re your cooperative! That means our purpose is bigger than simply selling electricity. We’re owned by our members, so our only goal is to do what’s best for you. Helping you be energy efficient and reduce costs is one way we help our members.

That’s why we developed our Powerful Solutions programs. This growing family of programs includes staff energy advisors, energy options, and support for improving your home’s comfort while reducing energy usage and costs.

Our Energy SAVER loans are a great example. These make energy efficiency investments like replacing a heat pump or adding insulation easier, while also helping lower your monthly energy bill and improving your home’s comfort.

Our Smart Rebates can give you a credit on your bill when you buy or replace certain appliances with an energy efficient Energy Star® model. These also apply for weatherization options such as home air or duct sealing or even building an Energy Star® home!

While our four community solar gardens are now completely subscribed, we’re looking forward to building more! Member participation has been tremendous for this option of affordable renewable energy without the expense or maintenance of rooftop solar.

We’re also providing information on electric vehicles (EV) because we see a growing trend in adoption. To benefit members, we’ve installed a DC Fast Charger at our Caldwell District office and helped secure grant funds for EV chargers in Blowing Rock and West Jefferson!

Finally, we’ve also partnered with other companies, like Utility Shield and Filter Easy, to offer programs for convenience and added protection for homeowners.

I hope you’ll take time to check out the Powerful Solutions programs that can benefit you! We’re pleased they’re helping many members enjoy a more comfortable and affordable home environment!

Learn more about these programs at BlueRidgeEnergy.com

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