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April 2018
April 2018

It’s really true: time IS money when it comes to when you use electricity. Blue Ridge Energy has created a new, FREE program to help members join together to Beat The Peak. When members sign up and participate, it keeps electric costs lower for all members.

Peaks occur when a majority of people are using the most electricity all at once. Power suppliers must generate enough electricity to meet this high usage.

Peaks occur typically on the hottest summer afternoons, from 2-6 p.m., when people are arriving home and using more air conditioning and large appliances for cooking, washing clothes and dishes. Peaks can also occur on the coldest winter mornings.

What can you do to help? Sign up to receive Beat The Peak alerts on our website or by email.

When you receive an alert, take steps to reduce your electricity usage during specified peak times. Most helpful are:

beat the peak
  • Raise your thermostat as high as comfortable in summer.
  • Shift the time you wash and dry clothes.
  • Wait to run the dishwasher.
  • Turn off all unnecessary lights.
  • Use the microwave or grill outdoors instead of using the oven or stove.
  • Postpone hot water use until after the peak.

Blue Ridge Energy is constantly monitoring weather and electricity usage as we coordinate closely with our power supplier to determine when a peak will occur.

Every action helps! Keep electricity costs low. Visit us online or email us at BeatThePeak@myBlueRidgeEnergy.com.

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