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One advantage of being served by a cooperative is the right to elect your fellow co-op members to serve on the Board of Directors that guide your cooperative. Voting online or by mail has enabled a record number of members to be involved in their cooperative in recent years, although members may still attend and vote for directors during the Annual Meeting.

Director election kits will be sent to members on May 30. Included will be:

  • biographical information for all candidates
  • a proxy for members to vote in every district
  • instructions to vote online or by mail

If voting by mail, in order to be valid the form must be signed by the member with choices clearly marked and returned in the enclosed postage-paid envelope no later than 5 p.m. on Wednesday, June 20, 2018. Please note that to comply with proper election management procedures, the form cannot be given to an employee or accepted at any Blue Ridge office.

To ensure the integrity of director elections, Survey and Ballot Systems, an independent election administrator, was approved by the Credentials and Election Committee in December 2017 (committee members’ names are available at This committee is comprised of members from across the cooperative’s service area and is responsible for ensuring elections are properly conducted and for certifying election results.

Look for more information on the cover wrap of this month issue of Carolina Country, in your director election kit mailing late May and on our website.

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