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July 2018
July 2018
Attic Insulation

Blue Ridge Energy wants to help make energy efficiency improvements more affordable for our members.

We have partnered with Electel Cooperative Federal Credit Union to offer our members financing for a wide variety of home energy projects from HVAC systems, improved insulation to even solar panels and battery storage.

Qualified members can now borrow up to $35,000 ($5,000 for mobile homes) for up to 10 years at competitive interest rates.

Blue Ridge Energy is also working with community action organizations to help lower income qualified members make weatherization and heating improvements to their homes at no cost.

Under the loan program, cooperative specialists work with the member and local energy efficiency auditors and contractors to identify upgrades that will provide maximum energy savings and home comfort.

Interested members are encouraged to take a brief survey and find more information about the loan program.

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