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August 2018
vegetation management

In working to ensure reliable electricity for members, it’s important to know that tree contact with power lines is the single leading cause of outages.

Your cooperative’s vegetation management program, which is overseen by a certified arborist, addresses the need to protect our nearly 8,300 miles of power lines from dead or danger trees.

Keeping trees away from power lines is also a safety precaution. Trees and other objects that come into contact with power lines can become energized, leading to shock or electrocution. Even fallen power lines can still be energized, which is why no one but our line technicians should ever go near a downed power line.

A clear path for power lines is also a safer working environment for line technicians performing routine maintenance or power restoration.

Members can help by avoiding planting trees near power lines. For existing trees directly in the cooperative’s rights of way, Blue Ridge Energy helps with replacement by offering a voucher to local, approved nurseries for a low-growing species. Vouchers may also apply to a larger tree that is planted far away from rights of way.

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