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August 2018

Did you know...Members participating in the Beat The Peak program recently helped save almost $150,000 in wholesale power cost! Join the movement today to keep rates low.

Do you want to keep costs down for yourself and every member of your cooperative? When members join together, you can have a bigger impact on keeping bills low.

We have a program to give members a free, easy way to do this!

“Beat The Peak” is a voluntary program to alert members when a peak in power usage is expected. That’s when you can take action to help beat the peak by shifting some of your electricity consumption until a later time that day.

Peaks occur when a majority of people are using the most electricity all at once. As a result, power generators must produce enough electricity to meet the high demand.

Peaks typically occur on the hottest summer afternoons, from 2 pm until 7 pm.

If members voluntarily reduce their electricity usage during peak demand times, it can make a big difference in controlling expensive wholesale power costs to keep rates — and bills — low. It can even help delay the need to build power plants!

How can you help Beat The Peak?

First, sign up to receive alerts one of the following ways: Visit or text BTP to 70216.

We try to send alerts a day in advance so that you can prepare! During the alert time period in your notification, consider doing one or more of the following:

  • Raise your thermostat as high as comfortable in summer.
  • Shift times to wash and dry clothes, or run your dishwasher.
  • Delay chores requiring hot water.
  • Turn off unnecessary lights.
  • Grill outside or use the microwave.

Help hold down power costs by signing up to receive Beat The Peak alerts!

Sign up today!

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