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From Blue Ridge CEO Doug Johnson December 2018
From Blue Ridge CEO Doug Johnson
December 2018

kenneth greene

Kenneth Greene

Many of us talk about leaving a legacy by making a difference in the world. When I think about our recently retired Board President Kenny Greene, I’m reminded of the best legacy anyone can aspire to: making those around you feel appreciated and valued every single day.

Before I tell you about Kenny’s most special gift, let me tell you about his work ethic and dedication to his responsibility on the cooperative’s Board of Directors. Kenny recently retired after 30 years of service on the Board, serving the past 11 years as President. During that time, he spent many hours staying updated in areas critical to providing Board oversight for an electric utility with two subsidiary companies: regulatory and legislative issues; operations, safety, finance, power transmission and delivery, technology, human resources, strategic planning, customer service, community relations and more!

He led the cooperative’s Board with a depth of sound judgment and a commitment to community and the members. He believed in working as a team with his fellow Board members, all of whom have the members’ best interests at heart because they are members themselves. During Kenny’s tenure, your cooperative expanded to include two wholly owned subsidiary companies formed to help hold down rates for members while providing local jobs and services that improve quality of life in our communities. Your cooperative has also held down costs for members while providing nationally ranked member satisfaction and reliability of electric service. Many other milestones were also achieved.

Kenny worked hard in his role on the Board. What made him special was the love and appreciation he showed to each and every person he encountered. As President, whenever his path crossed with employees, he never failed to stop and show appreciation or share words of encouragement!

He led the cooperative’s Board with a depth of sound judgment and a commitment to community and the members.

I heard Kenny described recently as a “genuine gentleman.” Kenny not only made employees feel special, he did the same for the members he represented and anyone who was fortunate enough to be in his presence.

As Kenny enters this next chapter in his life, he leaves this cooperative in good hands. He’s also left a genuine legacy we’re inspired to carry on in his honor!

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